In order to become a reliable and effective business partner for our clients, PWGL Inc. offers a wide range of services. From general accounting services, to tax planning, to mergers and acquisitions, we've made our name by knowledgeably guiding our client’s financial affairs.

Consulting Services

  • Strategic and Financial Planning and Control: Your company requires the financial information needed to make sound decisions. This requires a systematic approach to managing company finances and strategy. We work with companies to quantify management objectives, set achievable targets and review performance in meeting these objectives. We help design financial controls and reporting systems in order to monitor company progress. Our detailed analysis of your company revenues and expenses helps you determine how to operate more efficiently.
  • Change Management: Your firm faces a continual demand to improve costs, quality and speed-to-market, and you must evolve continually to achieve these improvements. Our consulting specialists analyze company operations and identify key priorities for improvement. We then enable you to make the changes you need to happen – through detailed planning, development of control methods, and monitoring procedures to ensure that transformations occur as efficiently as possible.
  • Human Resources Management: In order to grow your business, you need to build up a competent, knowledgeable staff whose skills evolve to meet your needs. Our human resources consulting division helps companies to plan, staff and manage the people within their organization. We collaborate with businesses to determine staffing requirements, design effective compensation systems, recruit personnel and monitor employee performance. Through team building workshops and skills training, we enable companies to improve the productivity of existing workers. We also offer such services as human resources auditing, development of worker policies, and creation of benefit programs to suit companies’ particular human resources needs. PWGL Inc. can also assist your firm in implementing pay equity laws as mandated by government.
  • Government Grant Assistance: Government programs to assist businesses often involve complex application procedures and extensive documentation. Many of these programs are not well-publicized and may not be known to your company. Our long-standing experience with government programs enables us to identify and help you attain government financing for your business, either through tax concessions, loans, loan guarantees or outright grants. We provide advice and assistance to help you obtain funding through such organizations as the Société de développement industriel du Québec (SDIQ), the Fédération des travailleurs du Québec (FTQ), and the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: You may be considering acquiring a company, merging with another firm, or selling your business. PWGL Inc. Mergers and Acquisitions Department establishes the fair market value of businesses, and helps structure the most advantageous purchase or sale for your firm. We also develop plans for financing these transactions, and provide expert accounting and financial information to assist you in your negotiations.
  • Strategic Planning and Business Development
  • Team Building

Financial and Tax Services

  • Banking and Financing: As your firm develops, it needs financing to support business operations and fund new projects. PWGL Inc. acts as a “corporate treasurer” to provide the financial expertise your firm needs. We connect you with a variety of intermediaries – including chartered banks, trust companies, mortgage companies, stockbrokers – to help finance your business. We also advise you on banking matters, and help you establish a suitable capital structure for your firm.
  • Tax Planning: Many of our clients have saved significant amounts of money as a result of our thorough reviews of their Federal and Provincial sales tax obligations. Our Tax Group keeps fully abreast of changes in tax legislation and informs clients of relevant developments through weekly tax seminars, quarterly newsletters and other publications. We also monitor tax laws in foreign countries, especially the United States, in order to manage their impact on business and real-estate operations. In addition, taxes can often be minimized by restructuring an existing corporate group; this can involve consolidation of business operations, or expansion through mergers and acquisitions.
  • Investment and Estate Planning: In an owner-operated business, investment and estate planning becomes an extension of corporate planning. We take a comprehensive approach to financial matters, and where desired, we can go beyond the firm’s corporate affairs into areas of personal finance. To ensure that you receive the maximum after-tax return on your income, we seek out and recommend appropriate investment vehicles and tax shelters. Our estate planning experts will help you develop sound and imaginative planning of wills, trusts and buy-sell agreements.

Audit and Assurance

  • Auditing: While an annual audit can be a difficult process for companies, it also serves an important function in evaluating and improving business performance. The detailed information that an audit provides helps you identify weaknesses in your company and develop plans to correct them. PWGL Inc. views the annual audit as an important part of our ongoing relationship with clients, one which enables us to serve as effective, knowledgeable advisors. We maintain stringent standards to ensure that your audit is conducted thoroughly and efficiently, in order to help you not only monitor but maximize profits.
  • Forensic Accounting: Through its Forensic Accounting Group, PWGL Inc. resolve business disputes and shareholder agreements in a professional, efficient manner. Our investigative accounting professionals also extract crucial information for corporate reorganizations, criminal fraud cases, divorce settlements and government investigations.
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